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Disinfectant “DEZOMED” ( for medical institutions)

Disinfectant “DEZOMED” ( for medical institutions)
  • Price: 530₽

  • Use:
    For medical institutions

  • Volume: 1000 ml

  • Producer: "Dezomed" LLC

Product description


  • surface disinfection and washing, furniture, carpets, upholstery, devices, sanitary equipment, linens, dishes and dishwashing items, rubber and polypropylene mats, cleaning equipment, toys, patient care and personal hygiene items in medical institutions (clinical diagnostics and bacteriological laboratories, neonatology departments, maternity homes, newborn wards)
  • medical equipment disinfection (couveusesanesthetic-respiratory equipment); disinfection, pre-sterilization and  sterilization of medical equipment (including rigid and flexible medical endoscopes, surgical and dental instruments as well as rotating tools, dental materials, including alginate and silicone, polyester resins, metal and ceramic dental blanks) manual and mechanized (using ultrasonic cleaning); 
  •  high-level disinfection of endoscopes
  • disinfection of medical waste before disposal in medical institutions (single-use medical devices, dressing, disposable underwear)
  • cleaning in nurseries, schools, and other educational and medical institutions, utility facilities
  • footwear disinfection in order to prevent fungal infection
  • biological material disinfection
  • blood and biological secretions (urine, feces, sputum) disinfection in medical institutions, clinical laboratories, blood transfusion points, ambulance
  • disinfection by different etiologies: bacterial (tuberculosis, anthrax), fungal (candidiasis), virus (polio, all types of viral hepatitis). 

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