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Lotion-spray “Antibacterial”

Lotion-spray “Antibacterial”
  • Price: 72₽

  • Use:
    For broad-spectrum disinfection

  • Volume: 100 ml

  • Producer: "Dezomed" LLC

Product description

Lotion-spray “Antibacterial” product “premium” class, description and purpose:

  • Antibacterial spray lotion “Dezomed” is designed to cleanse the skin of the hands;
  • It is a clear, colorless liquid, odorless;
  • Composition: Polyhexamethylene guanidine, hydrochloride, alkyldemylbenzylammonium chloride, water;
  • Antibacterial spray lotion “Dezomed” is intended for hygienic processing of the skin of the hands, cleanses, leaves a feeling of freshness, does not require rinsing;
  • It does not cause irritation upon contact with the skin;
  • It is especially recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics;
  • Method of application: evenly spray the product on the skin of the hands, distribute in a circular motion until completely absorbed;
  • Use only for external use;
  • Storage temperature not lower than 0 degrees Celsius, and not higher than 25 degrees Celsius;
  • Lack of direct exposure to sunlight;
  • Shelf life 5 years.

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